Ring-Necked Snake (Diadophis punctatus)

Advocates for Snake Preservation (ASP)

We use science, education, and advocacy to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence with snakes.
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Ring-Necked Snake (Diadophis punctatus)

Why Snakes?

You probably grew up hearing stories about snakes, stories that rarely had nice things to say about them. From the biblical tale of the Garden of Eden to the modern story of Harry Potter, snakes are usually portrayed as deceitful and villainous. Real snakes prefer to escape our notice, so myths and fables supply what most people know about them. Consequently, misunderstanding and fear eclipse appreciation of these mysterious and intriguing animals (read more).

What We Do

  • We conduct research on snakes following the guiding principles of compassionate conservation.
  • We dispel myths and misinformation about snakes through our blogpresentations, and publications.
  • We identify threats to snakes, and provide resources on how WE can address those threats.

ASP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Find out how to support our work.

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Learn About Snakes

On the Social Snakes Blog, you can read about social behavior, watch videos of rattlesnakes defending their babies, or learn about other interesting snake behaviors.

Black-Tailed Rattlesnakes in Combat
Jaydin and Marty, male Western Black-Tailed Rattlesnakes, in combat.