2023 The Year in Snakes


Decade of Demystifying Snakes! ASP turns 10 on 16 May 2024.


Old Friends: snakes sighted more than 10 years after we first met them!


Residents of Sweetwater, Texas received handwritten Rattlesnake Love Letters from children asking for a no-kill roundup.


In-person presentations & displays


Folks in rural southwest New Mexico and southeast Arizona learned about snake natural history, behavior, and how to safely coexist with them.

Sara: Hello! Thank you for your help this evening!
(photo of white man sitting next to and photographing a large rattlesnake)
ASP: Turns out the Rattlesnake in our yard is Harvey, who we’ve seen 3 times in the past week. We’re so happy to have him.
Sara: That’s so neat! Hi Harvey! I think he likes the photo op!

Hotline calls & texts — just a few facts, a name, and a story can turn EEK! into AWW!

Snake Peeks 10: Dig it! Western Patch-nosed Snake Going After a Rodent. This classic short from 2015 was our most popular video on YouTube in 2023 with more than 55,000 views!


Hours watched on our YouTube channel


Online classes & workshops


People learned about snakes and threats to them by visiting our websites


Donated to change how people view and treat snakes — YOU make all this possible!

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