Everyone thinks of me as a rattlesnake girl and I totally am. But nothing makes me happier than seeing a gophersnake (Pituophis catenifer).

As I followed Jeff down the hill where Luna was hanging out last week, he suddenly appeared to be falling: running/sliding while occasionally putting his hand down as if to steady himself. Eventually he smiled up at me with a tiny snake in his hand and exclaimed, “gophie!” I nearly fell down the hill trying to reach them as quickly as possible.

gophie in hand
It’s too early for this year’s baby snakes, so he likely hatched late last summer. Newborn gophersnakes usually appear during the summer rainy season (monsoon).

Once we set the little guy down, he found a small shelter rock, balled himself up underneath, and peeked out at us.


Adorable, isn’t he?

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