Pretty little faces

I have talked about western patch-nosed snakes (Salvadora hexalepis) several times recently (here and here) because it seems like we’ve seen one or more everyday. Unfortunately, they’re usually gone before I can get a decent photo. But yesterday one stuck around long enough for this slow photographer to snap a couple shots.


Salvadora close

The short walk between the old horse barn and our house has been good to us this year. On our way back home after seeing the patch-nosed snake, Jeff spotted a ring-necked snake (Diadophis punctatus) poking around along the wall of the casitas.


Everywhere I’ve lived and worked (so far) there have been ring-necked snakes. They are gorgeous little snakes; solid gray on top with brilliant yellow-orange-red bellies. I am not sure if this individual was unique or I just never noticed before, but the top of his head was not solid gray, but delicately mottled.

ringneck close

Jeff saw the Gila monster from 1 May again yesterday too, not far from where we first found her. Like rattlesnakes, Gila monsters have unique dorsal patterns which we use to identify individuals.

The reptiles seem to be enjoying the cooler weather as much as we are!