Allie Rose Radabaugh


This summer we presented a Snake Hero Award to Allie Rose for her outreach on behalf of a Dekay’s Brownsnake. When this tiny, defenseless snake showed up in her school yard, students and teachers panicked and the snake paid the ultimate (and unfortunately common) price. This snake lover turned her broken heart to action and took this opportunity to educate her classmate and teacher about their helpful snake neighbor. Touched by this story, we sent Allie Rose a little gift pack and award for her efforts.

“Thank you! I love all the stickers and am thinking of where to put them. I will definitely keep standing up for snakes and will make sure to do so whenever I can!”

– Allie Rose
Allie Rose Radabaugh (young white girl with long brown hair wearing a pink shirt) smiling while holding her Snake Hero Award.
Photo courtesy of Lindsey Radabaugh.

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