Education Enhances Attitudes About Rattlesnakes

In a research project led by Masters student Erin Allison, we evaluated how different messaging strategies can improve attitudes about rattlesnakes. We used an online survey to evaluate the perceptions of a diverse group of 1,182 US adults before and after they watched either a relational or instrumental video about rattlesnakes. The relational video showcased

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2022 The Year in Snakes

Article in theNew York Timeson social reptiles! Online classes and workshops In-person displays& presentations Hotline calls & texts Snake rescues Coexisting With Pitvipers Symposium! Signatures submitted to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to End The Lake Providence Snake Rodeo Interactions on Facebook and Instagram Hours watched on our YouTube channel People learned about

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Snakes Are Neighbors!

Snakes Are Everything #9 Bryan Hughes will discuss snakes living in and around human development: who thrives, who has no tolerance for urban environments, and what does sustainable co-habitation between snakes and homeowners look like? Bryan founded Rattlesnake Solutions LLC in 2010 to save snakes from shovels and shotguns and each year they resolve hundreds

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Kathy Bricker

#SnakeHero We lost an amazing champion for snakes, wildlife, and wild places in 2022. Kathy Bricker not only worked with international conservation organizations, but started local efforts to preserve open space, recycle, connect people with nature, and raise awareness about birds and environmental issues. But it wasn’t just relatively popular and well-known issues that caught

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Allie Rose Radabaugh

#SnakeHero This summer we presented a Snake Hero Award to Allie Rose for her outreach on behalf of a Dekay’s Brownsnake. When this tiny, defenseless snake showed up in her school yard, students and teachers panicked and the snake paid the ultimate (and unfortunately common) price. This snake lover turned her broken heart to action

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