2021 The Year in Snakes

Skype a Scientist classes Field trips and snake rescues Hours watched of season one of Snakes Are Everything! In-person classroom and library presentations Online classes and workshops Peer-reviewed paper published Interactions on Facebook and Instagram Hours watched on our YouTube channel People learned about snakes by visiting our website — 38% more than last year! …

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Changing Fear to Fascination With Familiarity

This article was written by Jeff Smith & Melissa Amarello, Co-founders, ASP “In the end we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.” Baba Dioum (1968) “How do people understand something that terrifies them?“ Whitney Barlow Robles 2021 In a …

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Glue Traps are Evil

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so we’ll let this #SnakeHero tell the story in their own words. THANK YOU @RebelHawk12 for saving this Gophersnake and preventing future suffering. And please, DON’T use glue traps — they are a cruel way to kill.

Snakes Are Misunderstood!

Snakes Are Everything #5 For Episode 5 of Snakes Are Everything, we were joined by Mike Cardwell, MS, champion of the most misunderstood snake in North America: the Mohave Rattlesnake! Everyone has questions about Mohaves and Mike has answers — plus some hot-off-the-press research news. Learn more in Mike’s new book: The Mohave Rattlesnake and …

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Snakes Are Dangerous!

Snakes Are Everything #4 For Episode 4 of Snakes Are Everything, we were joined by Harry Greene, who told us about the 75 million-year long deadly dialog between snakes and primates. Learn more about Harry’s adventures in Tracks and Shadows: Field Biology as Art Green View: Research reflections from Harry W. Greene Crossing boundaries: when …

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Snakes Are Charismatic!

Snakes Are Everything #3 For Episode 3 of Snakes Are Everything, we were joined by Dr. Emily Taylor, aka SnakeyMama, for a very exciting announcement about how YOU can get involved in snake research! Be a Community Scientist: Join Project Rattlecam! Get Project Rattlecam Swag (& support ASP) Central Coast Snake Services Physiological Ecology of …

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Snakes Are Artsy!

Snakes Are Everything #2 For Episode 2 of Snakes Are Everything, we were joined by Emma Hsiao to talk about the intersection of science, conservation, and art! ♥️🐍 Get the Tale of Scales playing cards! Learn more about Emma Hsiao and check out her portfolio on her website. Check our Emma’s designs for ASP in …

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Snakes Are Awesome!

Snakes Are Everything #1 For the premiere of Snakes Are Everything, we were joined by Jesús Rivas, the undisputed expert on Anacondas, to talk about these awesomest of snakes! Learn more about Jesús Rivas and his work with Anacondas at The Land of the Anaconda. Learn more about this series and register to get notified …

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I wind under oaks,not looking for dust scallops,not listening to leaf song,lost in brain chatter. Buzz. Red diamonds.I recoil in respect.She is faded to match late summer(except for the shock of black and white over her rattle),bent into defense, waitingfor a better venom victim thanunswallowable me. We do not blink. My thanks are awkward:me a …

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