First, it rained last night! Not much (0.02 in), but since ANY rain in May is rare, even a tiny bit is exciting.

There are many reasons to love Bane (male Arizona black rattlesnake). When he was first sighted during last year’s Snake Count as he was drinking from Secret Springs, a behavior rarely seen in wild snakes (but see here). After measuring (he is the largest Arizona black we’ve seen at Muleshoe) and marking his rattle with beautiful orange paint, we sent him on his way. But a few months later when we were in the market for new snakes to put transmitters in, Bane came back to us.

We were sitting in Hot Springs Wash, watching and filming a couple black-tailed rattlesnakes in combat, when Bane cruised up alongside us. You might call Bane bold 🙂

Bane 20130501

This spring Bane was quickly out of his den and back to his old turf near the Nature Trail. He has been a great show and tell snake; any guest at Muleshoe who wants to track a rattlesnake gets to visit Bane. He is a short hike away, usually visible, and doesn’t seem terribly bothered by all the attention.

Save the Frogs Day participants visit Bane

Also, isn’t he gorgeous?

Bane 20130413

Would you like to meet Bane? Join us May 17-19 for Snake Count! Check out our Events page for more details (casitas are still available).