Snakes From A Plane

The Legend Of Airdropped Rattlesnakes Do state game agencies really introduce rattlesnakes by tossing them out of aircraft? Three experts weigh in on the facts, origin, and future of the enduring story. Throughout a herpetology career that has spanned more than 25 years at the Kentucky Reptile Zoo, biologist Kristin Wiley has heard one particular […]

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Secrets of Snakes

The heart of ASP’s work is education using stories to illustrate cool snake behavior and busting myths and misconceptions when answering questions about snakes. Although they tend to change over the years, at any given time people have the same questions: “Are rattlesnakes rattling less?” “Are babies more dangerous than adults?” “How do you tell

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How to Help Snakes

and other wild animals too! Don’t use bird netting Avoid glue traps and poison Shoot snakes with a camera Keep pets indoors or under control Share positive stories about snakes Drive carefully, watch for small animals Respect and appreciate wildlife from a distance Make adoption the first option for your next pet Don’t buy wild-caught

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