Be aware of your surroundings, and there’s no need to beware of snakes. Snake season is here, but that’s no a reason to avoid the outdoors. Enjoy nature, wildlife, and stay safe with our Top Tips for a Safe Snake Season: Do not approach, handle, move, or kill snakes – most bites happen in these situations!… Read More

Gassing rattlesnakes in Texas

Gassing rattlesnakes in Texas A proposal to ban gassing in Texas (one of the few states where it is still legal) was introduced in late 2014 and has been debated ever since. Pouring gas into the ground to collect wildlife probably seems a little crazy and hardly controversial, but rattlesnake roundups depend on this method… Read More

Timber rattlesnake by Richard Bonnett​​

Don’t Let Fear Drive Wildlife Management in Massachusetts Thanks to everyone who took action on this issue, we’ll provide updates as they become available. We have a sad, embarrassing history of persecuting animals we fear, often driving them to the brink of extinction. Timber rattlesnakes are one of many victims; they have been nearly extirpated… Read More

Gassing rattlesnakes in Texas

WARNING: the following video is graphic and violent – it shows what happens at a rattlesnake roundup. Find out more about this documentary. Each year, tens of thousands of rattlesnakes are taken from the wild to be displayed and slaughtered for entertainment and profit at rattlesnake roundups. Professional hunters, not bound by ‘bag’ or ‘take’… Read More

Gassing rattlesnakes in Texas

This article originally appeared on National Geographic Voices. Wildlife Slaughter Persists at Rattlesnake Roundups Despite Conservation Efforts Science does not support claims that roundups are required to prevent rattlesnake overpopulation. Each year, tens of thousands of rattlesnakes are taken from the wild to be displayed and slaughtered for entertainment and profit at rattlesnake roundups. Promoted… Read More

Mythical Mohave Rattlesnake

Mohave Greens are notorious for being the nastiest and deadliest snakes in the West. But is the reputation of the Mohave rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus) deserved? Click on the myths to learn the facts about Mohave rattlesnakes. Download our Mohave Factsheet       In our thousands of encounters with Mohaves and other rattlesnakes, we’ve never… Read More

Fostering compassion for snakes

It upsets us to see photos and stories of people killing snakes. And it’s very easy to respond with hate. But fostering compassion for snakes means being compassionate toward people too – even (especially) when it’s hard. Many people genuinely believe they are performing a public service by killing snakes, especially venomous ones. It’s up… Read More

Tell the Times they’re wrong on rattlesnakes

Once again, the New York Times has published a story portraying rattlesnake roundups (Sweetwater specifically) as folksy, family-friendly fun. The controversy surrounding these events is brushed off as mere predictable “attention from animal rights groups,” and we expect better from a well-respected outlet like the Times.   Take Action! Send a Letter to the Editor… Read More

Recently the New York Times published an article covering the debate in Texas over the potential ban on gassing rattlesnakes. Unfortunately they did a terrible job. What follows is the long version of our letter to the editor in response to this article (what we would have written if letters weren’t limited to 150 words).… Read More

Each spring, festivals are held throughout Texas in which thousands of rattlesnakes are kidnapped from their dens, kept without adequate food or water, tortured, and finally killed for entertainment and profit (find out more at If you have ever been out looking for snakes, or even spent time in rattlesnake habitat, you’ve probably noticed… Read More