Snake Heroes

A Tale of Transformation

A few years back, a couple in our town called us about a Black-tailed Rattlesnake that had settled in beside their house. Les and Mary Ann wanted us to move her somewhere everyone would be comfortable with. This well-mannered snake presented a perfect opportunity for them to see what snakes really do: she was there …

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Allie Rose Radabaugh

#SnakeHero This summer we presented a Snake Hero Award to Allie Rose for her outreach on behalf of a Dekay’s Brownsnake. When this tiny, defenseless snake showed up in her school yard, students and teachers panicked and the snake paid the ultimate (and unfortunately common) price. This snake lover turned her broken heart to action …

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Glue Traps are Evil

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, so we’ll let this #SnakeHero tell the story in their own words. THANK YOU @RebelHawk12 for saving this Gophersnake and preventing future suffering. And please, DON’T use glue traps — they are a cruel way to kill.

Stuck, frightened, starved, thirsty… for days

Today we present the latest in our #SnakeHero series and commend our friend Brandon Thomas La Forest, for rescuing this baby: This newborn baby western diamondback rattlesnake was stuck, frightened, starved, and thirsty… FOR 3 DAYS before the homeowner contacted the Arizona Herpetological Association. With much care and vegetable oil, Brandon was able to free …

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Social media matters

Although I cite social media as one of ASP’s main methods of education, I often question whether we’re just preaching to the choir. Our followers probably already like snakes, or they wouldn’t follow Snake Advocate, right? Even if that’s true, you never know what could make a difference, even save a life. Following our first …

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Snake Heroes: Rattlesnake Saved From Netting

Today we introduce a new series, Snake Heroes, where we’ll feature stories of people helping snakes. Tell us your #SnakeHero Story A few weeks ago we got a frantic call from one of supporters, Cindy, who had found a mohave rattlesnake stuck in bird netting. Cindy had done what she could without putting herself in …

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Congratulations Dr. Fill, #SnakeHero!

We’re delighted to congratulate our friend and #SnakeHero Dr. Jennifer Fill on the successful defense of her doctoral dissertation! In addition to being a dedicated scientist, Jen LOVES snakes and we expect she’ll use her degree to help us all understand more about these magnificent animals. Back in 2013, Jen visited Arizona and wrote the …

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