Create a Facebook Fundraiser to Support Snakes!

Want to help us change how people view and treat snakes?

Facebook fundraisers are a great way to leverage the power of your social network to raise money for ASP and support our work to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence with snakes. Facebook Fundraisers are FREE for you to set up (but note that Facebook is now charging fees to process donations).

Get started here or click on Fundraisers in Facebook’s menu and choose Advocates for Snake Preservation.

Not on Facebook? Set up a PayPal Fundraiser and they cover all the fees, so 100% of the donation goes to snakes!

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Confirm that you're raising money for ASP.
  • Pick a deadline for your fundraiser, making sure you have time to build support.
  • Set an inspiring goal. Dream big! We receive the money even if you don't reach your goal.
  • Use the default text or customize to share your personal story of why snakes are important to you.
  • Use our default cover photo.
  • Or pick another photo for your cover.
  • You're all set! Share and encourage your friends to join you.