Advocates for Snake Preservation is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona in 2014.

Copies of our IRS Form 990-N are available here for FY-2013 and FY-2014.

Expenses FY2013 – FY2014

Total: $3,575.17

Expenses FY2013 - FY2014

Expenses 2014-2015


Income FY2013 – FY2014

Total: $6,658.08

Income FY2013 - FY2014

Income 2014-2015


Honorariums are donations ASP sometimes receives for giving educational presentations.
Promotional Materials included stickers, bookmarks, and a banner for events.
Merchandise was mainly our Sustainable Snake Shirts.
Got questions about any of our expenses or income? Please let us know.


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