Financial Information


Advocates for Snake Preservation is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization incorporated under the laws of the State of Arizona in 2014. We moved and incorporated under the laws of the State of New Mexico in 2017.


Fiscal Year 2017 (November 2017 — October 2018)

Our most recent IRS Form 990ez is available here.

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Total Expenses: $3,955.00

Direct Program Expenses $3,282

Core Mission Support: Administration, Board $522

Core Mission Support: Fundraising & Partnerships $151

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Total Income: $14,497

Contributions: $14,217

Program Income: $100

Sales of Inventory: $150

Investment Income: $31

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Program Income includes donations ASP sometimes receives for giving educational presentations.
Sales of inventory was mainly our Sustainable Snake Shirts.
Got questions about any of our expenses or income? Please let us know.
View past years’ financial information.


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