Stuck, frightened, starved, thirsty… for days

Today we present the latest in our #SnakeHero series and commend our friend Brandon Thomas La Forest, for rescuing this baby:

rattlesnake stuck in glue trap

This newborn baby western diamondback rattlesnake was stuck, frightened, starved, and thirsty… FOR 3 DAYS before the homeowner contacted the Arizona Herpetological Association. With much care and vegetable oil, Brandon was able to free the little guy, who is recovering nicely from his terrible ordeal.

[row] [column md=”6″] rattlesnake baby removed from glue trap Baby western diamondback rattlesnake recently removed from glue trap with injured jaw.

[column md=”6″] rattlesnake baby recovering from glue trap The next day the jaw is looking much better!
[/column] [/row]


Like bird netting, glue traps are often viewed as a more humane and eco-friendly way to manage unwanted animals in the house.

Cruel and indiscriminate, glue traps are actually one of the WORST.

Death in a glue trap comes very slowly… by suffocation, stress, dehydration, or starvation. Animals with slow metabolisms (reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates) will likely suffer for days. And while it is possible to remove an animal from a trap, it is very difficult; feathers, fur, scales, and skin may suffer permanent damage.

READ MORE about glue traps (board) from The Humane Society of the United States.

LEARN MORE about alternatives to cruel glue traps from WildCare.

Stuck, frightened, starved, thirstyů for days
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All photographs in this post courtesy Brandon Thomas La Forest, Arizona Herpetological Association. THANKS!