Hey Discovery, stop demonizing snakes!

A major impediment to snake conservation is that people tend to view snakes unfavorably. These negative attitudes are rooted in myth and reinforced by how snakes are portrayed in popular media. While some may remember the Discovery Network’s educational programming, their standards have slid and its new line of shows has sunk to a new low.


Eaten Alive will portray a man in a snake-proof suit being consumed by a large green anaconda. This show is a stunt that exploits the public’s fear of snakes. Anacondas aren’t man-eaters, so this show has little educational value and may actually hurt the snake. There are many fascinating aspects of anaconda natural history that they could have focused on without resorting to spreading misinformation and further demonizing snakes. In fact, Discovery turned down an amazing opportunity to work with a large snake expert in favor of Eaten Alive.


Hey Discovery, stop demonizing snakes!
Green anaconda photographed by Jeff Kubina.

The last thing that snakes need is more media hype that preys on misunderstanding and propagates fear.

Tell Discovery to drop Eaten Alive and stop demonizing snakes


When you sign the petition, consider adding a comment explaining why this show is bad for snakes. Feel free to copy and paste these points:

Snakes are already feared and hated largely due to myth and misinformation. Anacondas are not man-eaters, so why promote irrational fears and snake persecution?

Discovery Networks have a reputation for providing quality educational programming. Not only is your reputation damaged by airing fake documentaries such as Eaten Alive, you are adding to a largely undeserved, negative reputation that snakes have instead of focusing on factual and fascinating aspects of their behavior.

Thank you, #SnakeHeroes!