January rattlesnakes?

We’ll take a short break from tales of Jaydin to share a somewhat unusual snake sighting at the preserve.

Last winter we had timelapse cameras on three snake dens, but never saw anyone until March. Well this year, on 20 January, we were pleasantly surprised to see not one, but two female western diamond-backed rattlesnakes on the surface just outside their den – which turns out to be right under our nose, at preserve headquarters!

western diamond-backed rattlesnake

The following day both snakes were out again and we were able to see that one of the girls was an old friend.

21 January 2013
21 January 2013

We originally encountered her in our front yard last summer, while Henry was courting her 🙂

31 August 2013
Henry, 31 August 2013, apparently not happy that we interrupted his courtship.

Could Henry have denned with these ladies this year? Only time will tell.