Kathy Bricker


We lost an amazing champion for snakes, wildlife, and wild places in 2022. Kathy Bricker not only worked with international conservation organizations, but started local efforts to preserve open space, recycle, connect people with nature, and raise awareness about birds and environmental issues. But it wasn’t just relatively popular and well-known issues that caught Kathy’s attention. In 1989, when two young Reticulated Pythons needed a home, Kathy and her husband Jim gave them one. Pivot and Mario spent the next 27 years educating thousands of children and adults through Kathy’s Snakes Alive program. We are honored that she thought enough of ASP’s work to bequest a gift to us to help continue our efforts to educate the public about snakes.

“Kathy was a bright light, even death can’t dim. Her memory and legacy lives on.”

– Dawn Bodnar, Snakes Alive participant
Kathy Bricker (white woman with short gray hair wearing a blue turtleneck) smiling while letting a child pet some Gartersnakes.
Photo courtesy of Jim Bricker.

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