Local Services

Services we offer in our neighborhood on Chiricahua Apache land in what is now known as southwest New Mexico and southeast Arizona, USA.

Free Snake Identification

Share a photo and location* and we’ll identify the snake. Email or text will get the quickest response.

*We are much more familiar with snakes native to North America, but will try to help you figure out what you’re looking at in other places too.

Sonoran Whipsnake peeking at us from within the leaves of a Mesquite Tree.
Sonoran Whipsnake (Coluber bilineatus) peeking at us from within the leaves of a Mesquite Tree.


We offer interactive, multimedia workshops and presentations on topics including parental care, social behavior, and surviving in snake country. Find out more here.

Regional Online Field Guides

We created a field guide on iNaturalist: Snakes of Grant County, New Mexico. This guide includes all the snake species documented in Grant County or close enough that they may occur here. Just want a species list? We got you covered.

You can also join or explore our project, Snakes & Lizards of Grant County, to learn about our local squamates (fancy word for snakes and lizards). This project includes all observations of snakes and lizards reported to iNaturalist. Add yours and get feedback to get better at identification.

Property Consultations

Want a wildlife-friendly yard that is safe for you and your family? Real Estate Agents: want to let your clients know what to expect in terms of snakes? We’ll visit your property and provide a report detailing: what features are most likely to attract snakes, specific modifications to reduce conflicts, and how to make your property less (or more!) attractive to snakes. Contact us using the form below for more information.

Yard with clear areas for safe walking and thick vegetation where wildlife, including snakes, are likely to lurk.
Can you guess where snakes are most likely to show up? We can help you figure it out.