29 May 2011 – House Rock Valley – Northern Arizona In 1996, The Peregrine Fund reintroduced California condors to northern Arizona. Once down to a mere 22 captives, there are now nearly 200 condors flying free in the southwestern US. We visited northern Arizona in hopes of finding snakes beneath soaring condors. We learned of… Read More

28 April:  Molly basks briefly before leaving the security of the den to fulfill what is on every rattlesnake’s mind: the first meal of the year. It’s been over seven months since they’ve last had a chance to eat, so they’re probably quite hungry. Molly comes out first and coils on the left. The snake… Read More

One of our favorite snakes of 2010 has been spotted at the den!  Alice was coiled next to a log a short distance away from the den the afternoon of 25 April: Alice. 25 April 2011 13:40 And later heading away to her hunting grounds for this year: Alice. 25 April 2011 16:13 Because she gave… Read More

*This story illustrates how we identify individual snakes and how important these aggregation sites are to the rattlesnakes. 29 May 2010. One of the first snakes marked at this site was Zona, a female less than a year old when we first encountered her. Zona was sitting on a downed log a few meters from… Read More

SuizoReport: Black Velvet: “A new religion that will bring you to your knees Black Velvet if you please……….. Howdy Herpers, On 16 April, John Slone escorted …”… Read More

Halfway between Tucson and Phoenix, a crumbling granite hillside gives way to a cactus-studded alluvial plain. Small, sandy washes break up this landscape and facilitate the growth of desert trees. Here, the western diamondbacked rattlesnake flourishes during times of plenty and, in leaner times, retreats to refuges to idle until conditions improve. In February of… Read More

SuizoReport: Stuck Up atrox Part 2 +: “Howdy Herpers, My good friend Melissa Amarello, AKA ‘Cerbermiss,’ has a most excellent website constructed around her work with Ariz…”… Read More

Memorial Day Weekend 2010. Alice is a big, beautiful, dark female Arizona black rattlesnake with mustard yellow scales outlining each dorsal blotch. We first encountered her ~20 meters from a known rattlesnake den. Several of our party walked right by before we discovered her, coiled at an opening beneath a boulder, without her rattling or… Read More

In 2010, we initiated a study of social behavior in Arizona black rattlesnakes (Crotalus cerberus) at sites where they aggregate. Here is a preview of our videos. Surveillance and timelapse videos taken at Arizona black rattlesnake hibernacula. Timelapse videos created with the PlantCam by Wingscapes and Adobe® After Effects® CS4 software. This first short video… Read More