Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake

Our negative attitude toward snakes is their biggest hurdle   “Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?” – Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark Humans often fear what they don’t understand and to most, snakes are a mystery. Snakes rely on crypsis so even when traversing through their world, we rarely see them.… Read More

Be aware of your surroundings, and there’s no need to beware of snakes. Snake season is here, but that’s no a reason to avoid the outdoors. Enjoy nature, wildlife, and stay safe with our Top Tips for a Safe Snake Season: Do not approach, handle, move, or kill snakes – most bites happen in these situations!… Read More

We got a chance to visit some old friends recently and made some new ones. Just a gorgeous female Arizona black rattlesnake enjoying a warm spring day.   Adult Arizona black rattlesnakes chilling near their den. How many do you see? (find the answer key at the bottom of this page)   Whipsnakes may have… Read More

Back when Advocates for Snake Preservation was going by the name Social Snakes, we (Jeff and Melissa) were lucky enough to live on a nature preserve, surrounded by snakes. Circumstances changed, we moved back to the city (Tucson, Arizona), but never forgot how amazing it was to live with snakes. Well it took us a… Read More

Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake

The year in pictures. Together we achieved significant victories for snakes this year.       Curious how we did in fundraising and program spending? Our finances page is updated with last year’s (November 2016 — October 2017) numbers.   Thank YOU, Snake Hero, for all you do for snakes, every day.… Read More

Crotalus lutosus

UPDATE: Thanks to your letters and comments at the meeting, commercial reptile collection has been BANNED in Nevada! The state of Nevada currently allows the unlimited commercial collection of reptiles, a practice which has removed almost half a million reptiles from Nevada’s public lands over the past thirty years. Nevada is the only state in… Read More

The following is reprinted from the Sonoran Herpetologist, the Tucson Herpetological Society’s membership publication. See the original here. And the 11th Recipients of the Jarchow Conservation Award are: Jeff Smith and Melissa Amarello, Advocates for Snake Preservation (ASP) The reasons that Jeff and Melissa have received this award are many, and will be brought to… Read More

Just for fun — because we need it right now.   Thanks to Russ McSpadden, Communications Associate at the Center for Biological Diversity, for creating these fun images!… Read More

For Immediate Release Contact: Dr. David A. Steen Organization: Auburn University Museum of Natural History Email: BIOLOGISTS TAKE TO TWITTER TO ADVOCATE FOR SNAKES A team of experts answer public questions about our slithering friends Believing in the possibilities of partnerships between science and art, Dr. Steen will also be using the #SnakeTownHall to… Read More