Save the Frogs Day 2013!

Muleshoe’s first Save the Frogs Day was a success! Thirty people (14 adults and 16 kids) participated in this year’s event, including a science class from a local middle school. We learned about our local frog (Lowland leopard frog, Lithobates yavapaiensis), built them a new pond, and of course ran into a snake or two.

We’ll let the photos (and video) tell the story.

[row] [column md=”6″] frog walk
Dennis Caldwell (green shirt) of the FROG Conservation Project, discusses threats to frogs while pointing out some Lowland Leopard Frogs in the Twin Lakes.
[/column] [column md=”6″] iphone frog
One of the students gets up close and personal with a Lowland Leopard Frog.
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[row] [column md=”6″] close frog
This frog didn’t seem to mind being photographed…
[/column] [column md=”6″] super close frog
And was quite photogenic!
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[row] [column md=”6″]
The middle school students helped us install a new frog pond at Headquarters. This timelapse video was taken as they dug the pond.
[/column] [column md=”6″] meta
While this pond may not look pretty yet, a similar-sized pond that was put in last fall already has successful breeding in it (Can you spot the newly metamorhposized frog with the large tail?).
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Saturday was all about frogs, but it’s hard NOT to find snakes at Muleshoe! Several made an appearance, including our old friend Porter (female black-tailed rattlesnake), who reappeared at the Visitor Center for the first time this year. Last fall she was one of the last rattlesnakes seen at the Visitor Center and also hunted there last summer.

[row] [column md=”6″] jeff robert porter
Jeff helps one of the kids find Porter, who is resting under the little wooden boardwalk.
[/column] [column md=”6″]
kittles porter
Fun for the entire family!
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[row] [column md=”6″] snake process 2 over
We captured another black-tailed rattlesnake (Tarzan) that we processed (marked and measured) with the students.
[/column] [column md=”6″] snake process 1
As Tarzan goes to sleep, Jeff explains how we paint their rattles so we can identify Tarzan in the future without handling him again.
[/column] [/row]  

snake process 3 close
Everyone pitched in to help monitor his heart rate.


[row] [column md=”6″] tracking bane
Sunday morning we took a small group out to visit Bane, our male Arizona black rattlesnake.
[/column] [column md=”6″] bane
Guests were excited to check out our beautiful boy, who didn’t disappoint.
[/column] [/row]  

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Save the Frogs Day!