Snake Peeks: Spring Fling and Babies



New videos in our YouTube series Snake Peeks

Even where snakes are common, they can be difficult to observe because they are shy and easily disturbed. Through good fortune and patience we’ve been able to record brief moments in the lives of wild snakes. These portraits of behavior may oppose what many (most?) people imagine snakes do.

Please enjoy and share widely – help us show the world the true nature of snakes!

Snake Peeks 5: Spring Fling for Whipsnakes and Rattlesnakes

This timelapse video shows a sunny spring day at a snake den sheltering Arizona black rattlesnakes and striped whipsnakes (music: Presentiment of Inner Storm by HighWay17).

Snake Peeks 6: Kokopelli the Neonate Arizona Black Rattlesnake

Kokopelli cozies up to his two littermates under the protection of their mother, Woody (song “Wook” courtesy Podington Bear).

Snake Peeks 7: Fish in a Barrel

A juvenile black-necked gartersnake has discovered a shallow pool hosting toad tadpoles. Watch him forage, capture, and swallow little tads!

Snake Peeks 8: Rock Rattlesnake Litter

A few moments in the lives of a group of newborn rock rattlesnakes.

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