Snakes Are Feared!

Snakes Are Everything #8

Dr. Andrew Hoffman will talk about the widespread fear of snakes among the general public and the role social media is playing in amplifying these fears. He will combine his personal observations from snake research and outreach, recent findings in the social sciences, and his experience in creating and growing the social media channel “Life Underfoot” to detail how this fear is a very real barrier to conservation and how social media represents a mostly untapped and incredibly powerful resource to reach millions of people with more responsible messaging around snakes and snake conservation.

Register to join us live and participate in the Q&A on Thursday August 11 at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT / 9pm GMT.

“Snakes Are Everything Episode 8: Snakes Are Feared” written on an image of a North American Racer
North American Racer photographed by Andrew Hoffman.