Gophersnakes Play Rough

Not all snake combat is as gentle as that of the Panamint Rattlesnakes described so beautifully by Ceal in The Art of Gentle Combat. In May 2011, we stumbled upon a Gophersnake love triangle and were shocked by their rough and ruthless tactics. We noticed a long, dark form on the dirt road from afar. […]

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Daryl Saves

A Tale of Two Trash Snakes Part 1 Well into our second summer, we didn’t have much hope left that we’d moved to serpent’s paradise. We had traded the city for the Gila National Forest with high hopes of snakes on our doorstep, but with each passing, snakeless day, we questioned whether our forested, northern

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Everyone thinks of me as a rattlesnake girl and I totally am. But nothing makes me happier than seeing a gophersnake (Pituophis catenifer). As I followed Jeff down the hill where Luna was hanging out last week, he suddenly appeared to be falling: running/sliding while occasionally putting his hand down as if to steady himself.

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Snake Count Spring 2012

In 2011, the Center for Snake Conservation started a twice yearly Snake Count “to map and track snake distributions across North America.” Additionally, the goal of Snake Count is to get everyone (not just scientists) to take an interest in the snakes they see and get involved in conservation. In Arizona, May is typically hot

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Spring is here!

Or rather, has been here (I’m a little behind in posting :-)). After many boring weeks of tracking our rattlesnakes and seeing almost nothing (we were sometimes able to glimpse a few inches of two of the Arizona black rattlesnakes), nearly all of them have now emerged from their dens. The first signs of spring

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Ménage à trois (part 2)

(if you haven’t already, see part 1) When we left our 3 gophersnakes, Bluto had just interrupted courtship between Popeye and Olive Oyl and was biting Popeye repeatedly along his body. Popeye released his bite-grip on Olive Oyl and she fled so fast that we were unable to follow. Bluto continued biting Popeye, making him

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