Mythical Mohave Rattlesnake

In the southwestern United States, no snake is more feared and hated than the Mohave rattlesnake, or as many call it, Mohave Green. And like most snake-fears, much is based on myth and misunderstanding. We reached out to Mike Cardwell (who has probably spent more time with wild Mohave rattlesnakes than anyone else) and had… Read More

Mohave rattlesnake

Today we introduce a new series, Snake Heroes, where we’ll feature stories of people helping snakes. Tell us your #SnakeHero Story   A few weeks ago we got a frantic call from one of supporters, Cindy, who had found a mohave rattlesnake stuck in bird netting. Cindy had done what she could without putting herself… Read More

About 6:30pm, 3 July 2012. Though we had a few tantalizing sprinkles in June, the monsoon officially arrived last night. We got about a half inch of rain at headquarters and the 4th of July has started out cloudy and cool. For the first time in weeks, every snake we checked on this morning was… Read More