Mohave rattlesnake

Mythical Mohave Rattlesnake

Mohave Greens have a notorious reputation in the West — but is it deserved? In short, NOPE. Read on to learn more about Mohave Rattlesnakes. Skip to: How to Identify a Mohave Mohave Rattlesnakes are easily confused with Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnakes, who are more widespread and (often) abundant. Here’s how to tell them apart. However,

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And so it begins…

About 6:30pm, 3 July 2012. Though we had a few tantalizing sprinkles in June, the monsoon officially arrived last night. We got about a half inch of rain at headquarters and the 4th of July has started out cloudy and cool. For the first time in weeks, every snake we checked on this morning was

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