Gassing rattlesnakes in Texas

WARNING: the following video is graphic and violent – it shows what happens at a rattlesnake roundup. Support this documentary. Each year, tens of thousands of rattlesnakes are taken from the wild to be displayed and slaughtered for entertainment and profit at rattlesnake roundups. Professional hunters, not bound by ‘bag’ or ‘take’ limits, remove snakes… Read More

Tell the Times they’re wrong on rattlesnakes

Once again, the New York Times has published a story portraying rattlesnake roundups (Sweetwater specifically) as folksy, family-friendly fun. The controversy surrounding these events is brushed off as mere predictable “attention from animal rights groups,” and we expect better from a well-respected outlet like the Times.   Take Action! Send a Letter to the Editor… Read More

Recently the New York Times published an article covering the debate in Texas over the potential ban on gassing rattlesnakes. Unfortunately they did a terrible job. What follows is the long version of our letter to the editor in response to this article (what we would have written if letters weren’t limited to 150 words).… Read More

Each spring, festivals are held throughout Texas in which thousands of rattlesnakes are kidnapped from their dens, kept without adequate food or water, tortured, and finally killed for entertainment and profit. We have written a little about rattlesnake roundups before (here and here), and you can find out more at The Center for Biological Diversity.… Read More

Rattlesnake roundups make me sick. What’s a rattlesnake roundup, you ask? This page has a more thorough description, but in short, they are festivals in which rattlesnakes are tortured and killed in the most inhumane ways imaginable for entertainment and profit. Where do they get hundreds to thousands of rattlesnakes for these events? They are… Read More

Sorry for the interuption from our regularly scheduled program, but this is important.Enjoy our blog posts?Like snakes?Then consider signing this petition to stop the unnecessary and cruel rattlesnake slaughter:Ask Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife To End Rattlesnake Roundups… Read More