Mother’s day is a much bigger deal than Father’s day. Why? Well, there’s just something extra special about mom (sorry Dad!). So, today’s post is about an under-appreciated group of moms (you guessed it), Arizona black rattlesnakes! Human moms – you think you have it tough? Rattlesnake maternal duties may only last a couple weeks,… Read More

Friday evening while tracking Jaydin, we came across an Arizona black rattlesnake (Crotalus cerberus) hunting along an old corral fence. BeeGee was still there the following morning, so we decided to put a camera on him. While we have captured interactions between rattlesnake species and with squirrels before, it was pretty exciting to see both… Read More

Squirrels and rattlesnakes have a complicated relationship. Some squirrels have developed resistance to rattlesnake venom so that an adult squirrel can survive a rattlesnake bite. Juvenile squirrels cannot, so they are often still prey to rattlesnakes. Because of their resistance, adult squirrels will confront rattlesnakes that wander near their colonies and sometimes even kill them!… Read More