World Snake Day 2015

World Snake Day 2015

July 16 is World Snake Day! While snakes are threatened by many of the same issues that affect all wildlife (habitat loss, climate change, and disease), negative attitudes toward snakes may be the biggest barrier to their conservation because it often impedes efforts to address other threats. So do your part by spreading positive messages about snakes.

Need some inspiration?

Check out these posts which highlight snake behaviors even non-snake-lovers can love:

[row] [column md=”6″] Removing the blinders
Leave your assumptions about snakes at the door, remove the blinders, and you’ll see some truly awesome stuff.[/column] [column md=”6″] Squamate sociality: surprisingly like birds and mammals
Did you know some snakes are social? Probably, cause you’re reading our blog. But do your friends know? Share this post and let them know!
[/column] [/row]

[row] [column md=”6″]Removing the blinders
Rattlesnakes take care of their kids? Yes they do – check out how.[/column] [column md=”6″]Sigma vs. the squirrel
A story of a mother rattlesnake defending her babies from a surprising threat.[/column] [/row]

[row] [column md=”6″]Interspecies interactions aplenty
What happens when different species of rattlesnakes meet? Find out.[/column] [column md=”6″]Lovers and Fighters
Rattlesnake combat and courtship. As Klauber said, “the truth is stranger than the obvious.”[/column] [/row]

Share these graphics:

Rattlesnake fights are rarely lethal, but always beautiful.

Snakes can be social

Rattlesnakes take care of their kids.

Courting rattlesnakes may stay together for weeks.

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