Kids handling a friendly snake at a Summer Reading Program.
Kids handling a friendly snake at a Summer Reading Program.

In order to change how people view and treat snakes, we give presentations on snake behavior and conservation in southwestern New Mexico.

For adults, we give a multimedia presentation that runs 30-45 minutes with a question and answer session following the presentation (approximately one hour total). Our presentations for children are a little more informal (see below). Depending on interest and availability, we may also bring educational literature, campaign-related petitions, eco-friendly fundraising items, and live snakes.

The Snake Country Survival Guide

This presentation will answer the most common question we get: What do I do about snakes in my yard? We’ll discuss our recommendations for how to manage backyard snakes, based on the latest research and our own observations of wild snake behavior. We’ll also show some cool videos of things you might see snakes doing in your yard. Not to be missed for anyone that lives, works, or plays in snake country.

A Tale of Two Trash Snakes

What can we learn from two snakes, in only 1 week, without capturing them? When a Rock Rattlesnake (Crotalus lepidus) showed up at ASP headquarters we put the techniques and technologies we’ve recommended over the years to the test and were rewarded with more than we could have hoped for. And luckily for everyone else, we filmed and photographed the whole story, which is shared in this presentation.

Rattlesnake Family Life

Sure elephants, whales, and birds have families and take care of their kids, BUT SNAKES? In fact they do and we will show you videos of wild rattlesnakes caring for their kids, their neighbor’s kids, and exhibiting other behaviors you probably didn’t know snakes do.

The Social Lives of Snakes

Although generally thought of as solitary, cold-blooded killers, snakes exhibit a variety of behaviors that we typically associate with animals such birds and primates. Courtship, combat, and hanging out with friends are just a few behaviors captured by our remote, timelapse cameras that you will get to see during this presentation. You may never look at snakes the same way again.

JUST FOR KIDS: The Secret Lives of Snakes

Few animals are as mythologized and shrouded in misunderstanding as snakes. Whether they inspire fear and loathing or intrigue and reverence, most of us get a jolt of adrenaline when we cross paths with a snake. I will dispel some myths and reveal facts about snakes that are stranger than fiction. You’ll get a chance to meet some local snakes including a very friendly gophersnake. Come see another side of snakes and learn how they’re more like us than you might think.

Find out about upcoming events and please contact us to inquire about booking a presentation. Be sure to let us know where you are and if you are able to offer an honorarium to cover our expenses. Thanks!

Our presentation at Camp Rio Salado Audubon was featured in this video

At The National Geographic Society’s BioBlitz 2011 in Saguaro National Park, we had a booth with live snakes featured in this video