Muleshoe to the rescue

A tiny, magical thing happened the other day. We saved a life. And by we, I mean all of us – the extended Muleshoe family. Back in May, we held our second annual Snake Count at Muleshoe. One of the great things about Muleshoe is its small, intimate space. Guests who weren’t here specifically for

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Fair weather friend

We got a beautiful thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. It rolled in at the perfect time: late enough to cool things off, but early enough that it was still a little light after. It was time to take an after-dinner stroll around headquarters to look for old friends. Removing transmitters from snakes is bittersweet. No doubt the

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What a cluster!

This time of year at Muleshoe, it’s not hard to see snakes every day if you mean to. Even though it’s hot and dry and they aren’t moving much, we have a couple of “regulars” that hang around headquarters as well as four snakes that we radio-track. And even though the monsoon has not yet

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Snake tracking update

Although we’ve briefly mentioned some of the rattlesnakes we’re tracking at Muleshoe this spring, we haven’t done a full update in a while. So here ya go. Bane left his den in a hurry back in March. Although we suspect he shared his overwintering spot with several other snakes, we didn’t observe any of the

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