2014: A look back

Thank you, Snake Heroes, for making 2014 a great year for snakes! Together we can do even more in 2015. Music: The Perfect Life (with Wayne Coyne) by Moby courtesy of mobygratis. Moby is kind enough to make much of his music available free to students and nonprofits for non-commercial use. And he is a… Read More

A major impediment to snake conservation is that people tend to view snakes unfavorably. These negative attitudes are rooted in myth and reinforced by how snakes are portrayed in popular media. While some may remember the Discovery Network’s educational programming, their standards have slid and its new line of shows has sunk to a new… Read More

At Social Snakes, our mission is to unravel the mystery of snakes to foster compassion and promote snake conservation. We tell stories and share videos of snakes’ true behavior in the wild, with a focus on surprising behavior that is relatively unknown and apealling (sociality, parental care). So, is it working? Maybe you loved snakes… Read More

Recently the New York Times published an article covering the debate in Texas over the potential ban on gassing rattlesnakes. Unfortunately they did a terrible job. What follows is the long version of our letter to the editor in response to this article (what we would have written if letters weren’t limited to 150 words).… Read More

Snakes are first cowards, then bluffers, and last of all warriors (Pope, C.H. 1958. Snakes Alive and How They Live. Viking Press, New York, NY). Yesterday morning Lula (our dog) and I headed back from tracking our rattlesnakes on a trail through the mesquite forest. Lula was only a step or two ahead, so I… Read More